La mafia uccide solo d’estate (Attività sociale)

la mafia uccide solo d'estate“La mafia uccide solo d’estate” è il titolo della nostra solita attività sociale del mese. Il film di PIF è stato piacevolmente accolto da tutti i nostri studenti. In questo articolo la nostra tirocinante Natalia ha scritto un piccolo articolo. Immergetevi nella lettura!

On Tuesday we watched a very famous Italian movie “La Mafia Uccide solo d’Estate” (“The Mafia Kills Only in the Summer”). It was displayed in Italian, with Italian subtitles which helped us in understanding. The plot of the film takes place in Palermo and it follows the story of the young Arturo Giammarresi, who wishes to become a journalist. Interesting is the fact that his birth coincides with the election of notorious Mafia-linked mayor Vito Ciancimino and a massacre arranged by legendary crime boss Salvatore Riina. What is more, Arturo develops a crush on his classmate – Flora and holds a bizarre obsession with seven-time Italian Prime Minister – Giulio Andreotti, whose long political career was overshadowed by allegations of Mafia ties. In general the film is highlighting the Mafia’s harmful influence over average Sicilians and this how blindness of the public allowed the Cosa Nostra to flourish until high-profile killings finally opened people’s eyes.  The flesh of the story is fiction, but its bones are real. In the end, the movie is mostly a homage paid to the policemen and the magistrates who fought and gave their lives between the late 1970s and 1992, heroes of legality that were martyred in the attempt to dismantle the Sicilian Mafia. It is an interesting and clever comedy with powerful message that probably left many Italians nostalgic.

Oggi Cinema “Terraferma”

Terraferma! Terraferma! CTerrafermaome al solito abbiamo avuto la nostra attività di “cinema” e i nostri studenti hanno visto un film/documentario chiamato Terraferma. Yummi la tirocinante Turca ha deciso di scrivere questo breve articolo e noi per ringraziarla lo abbiamo pubblicato nel blog! Buona lettura!

Today, we have an activity in the school and we watched an Italian movie called “Terraferma” .It was a drama about illegal immigrants who came to the Linosa by boat and attitudes of the local people towards them. That was my first experience to watch a film without subtitle. That’s why I was so excited about understanding the language because it is a colloquial language but I was learning the basic grammar until this day. I was thinking that I wouldn’t understand most of the sentences of actors.


However, things was not be like as I thought. At the first minutes of the film, I couldn’t get that what they mean so I used dictionary for almost all words as far as I hear. Moreover, sometimes Marco ( is one of the teachers in the school) stopped the film and explained us what was going on. Thanks to him, I started to understand without looking any translation. While I was seeing the scene of the moment, I combined the words and the sentences with those scenes in my mind.

At the middle of the movie, I was understanding the language of actors and the history about the region where the film was recorded and its history. At the end of the movie, I was feeling bad about the plot structure but I was feeling awesome because I understood the film and the language. All of these were very interested for me and I decided to make a research about history of Italy, refugees of Sicily and the common usage of some expressions which were use in the movie.