Italian Street Food: What is Pinsa?

13480400_1058507850905142_351738071_nThe taste of Italian street food… One of the most famous delicacies in Italy is the Pinsa. Every tourist to Italy should get a taste of this product which has been well known for many years.

A combination of wheat flour, soya, rice and 75% water make for a delicious pinsa. This recipe has been used for many generations in Rome. Pinsa has always been very popular Italian street food. You can add a lot of different fixings vegetables with meat, fruits with meat but the most popular is the vegetable Pinsa. Studioitalia students and staff recently went out to try Pinsa. Our little trip was started with the underground to Ottaviano stop, then to Repubblica, from there we went to “Pinsere e parole” next to la Piazza di Roma. This is the best bar and a friend of Accademia Studioitalia. Pinsa in this bar are always fresh and with varied toppings. Students bought all the different types of Pinsa and we could have a taste of every option.
For the women from Denmark the best was Pinsa with zucchini, but in the opinion of one student from Venezuela the best was with bacon and cheese. Every student tried this delicacy and everybody took some Pinsa home. Also our teacher Marco took Pinsa for the rest of the Studioitalia team. The trip was really great and everybody went home in a good mood with a full stomach! For sure we will take our friends out for Pinsa to this bar!

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